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Henchie Costume Contest

We had a frightening amount of entries this year for the Dress-Up Your Henchie Competition.  It was the players who voted for these top three: starting with Wonder Woman by Lacey Blackstone, Headmaster Dumbledore by Elga and Jon Snow by Varyund Syanthis who knew enough to take third place.

Ashbenford Museum

It’s Museum Month!  Check out the Museum at Ashbenford with items donated by players and GMs over the last 15 years.  Relive those old events and the prizes you had to fight for your life to get back then.

Donations are accepted by the museum curator, Tesla Kom’Blakhawk.  Contact her in game or drop off your donation in the donation box at the museum entrance.  Check the guidelines for donating by the donation box.

RocFest ’16

It’s time for Roc Fest! Rocs are scattered across the lands and contain your favorite Hugin tickets that can be exchanged at his vendor for special-colored items. Don’t forget to collect the heads for special prizes. Rocs will be respawned once a week.

Bag Art Competition

The winners of our first bag art competition are in!  Players voted for their favorites.  From left to right:

First place: “Wrath Of The Ancient Dragon” by Woox
Second place: “White Peacock In The Flower Garden” by Rysha Danae Nat’tir
Third place: “Kuuk’in Wiv Gram’gram” By Vitali Frostborn

Check out all the entries at the Art Bag Competition Forum Thread

Norsaroth Returns

It was a huge battle on Saturday as the warriors of Valhalla came to defeat Norsaroth before his ancient undead army could overtake the lands.  The two hour quest was filled with thrills, chills and a lot of explosions.  And thus ends the Norsaroth saga.

Godiva & Golof Wedding Ceremony

On March 26th, deep underground under the dwarven city, we had Godiva and Golof tie the knot among friends, glowing crystals and a return of an old god, Lord Uller, to perform the ceremony.  We wish you all the best.

Easter, 2016

The Easter Dungeon is open and has already taken its first [dozen] victims!  Find tickets and trade them outside the dungeon for special Easter prizes.  Did I mention the bunnies have great magic drop rates!  The dungeon closes on April 4th.


New Login Address

The server underwent an unexpected upgrade to windows 10 so additional upgrades were completed at the same time.

If you are unable to login, please follow the instructions in this post.