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Congratulations Sauran & Maranda

On January 3rd, we gathered to witness the joining of Sauran and Maranda in a beautiful ceremony presided over by Lord Odin.

After the ceremony, we feasted on the finest foods and danced until that pesky orc, Gul’kyt decided to show us how to really get our groove on which we did for several special dances he shared with us.

Happy New Year, 2016

Happy New Year from Valhalla Lost! The oil sketches have finally come back from the painters and we can see a magical still-frame of Valhallans ushering in the New Year.

Congratulations to the Gingerbread House Decorating Contest winners as voted by the public. 1st place: Tiamatte Danae.  2nd place: Leeonitius Infernalis.  3rd place: Athena.  Don’t spend your 1,000,000 gold all in one place, Tia!

Christmas Events

Christmas time is upon us and there are Christmas events galore!  Find the Phony Santas, Grinches and Evil Winter Wizards scattered across the lands to collect their seasonal tokens.  Each person at the end of the week who has the highest total wins a special prize while others who participate will have to make do with their consolation prizes.
Next up is the Christmas Hunting area – test your skill against some of the most infamous figures from Christmas, take their Christmas tickets from their loot and trade them in for special Christmas decorations!
Make sure you take on Jack Frost in the special GM-sponsored weekend raids to loot his special items.
Finally, make sure you have your tree up for Christmas Day so Odin Claus can see it and place a special present under your tree!  Trees will be available from a special vendor at Asgard.
Pst… make sure you check out the gift boxes scattered around… you never know what you’ll find in one!

Halloween Costume Contest

We had some great costumes this year for the Costume Contest.  For the People’s Choice Award, we had a tie for first place: The Dreaded Miss Reaper and Tesla [Tinker Bell].  And for third place, it was a four-way tie: Regal [Captain America], Lily Munster, Lacey [Victoria Secret Model] and Chipper [Red Riding Hood].

For the GM Choice Picks, the winners are (in no order): Chipper, Miss Reaper, Regal, Shadi [Dallas Cheerleader] and Valdis [Grown-up Raggedy-Ann].

Halloween 2015
Our Halloween Events are in full swing now!  Enter the Halloween Dungeon and take on some of the nastiest monsters alive but watch out for the flying bats and spiders dropping down on you!

Halloween shapeshift costumes will be handed out.  Don’t forget the Halloween Costume Contest: simply leave your log-off clone at the Abandoned Town (take the teleporter) in a masterpiece costume so everyone can see.  Full details are on the forums.

Pick up your Trick-or-Treat bag near the Gates of Asgard 3 days before Halloween for some trick or treating fun!  Visit the merchants around Asgard for your chance at a trick or treat.

Odinfest ’15

Odinfest has begun! Odinfest ’15 has started… come check out the new games for this year.

Join us for fun and games as we start our 5th Annual Odinfest celebrations. Play carnival games like Bottle Break, Fishing Games, Test Your Strength, the Dunk Tank, Bunny Racers or the Ring Toss. Take a ride on the Roller Coaster, soar up on the Balloon Ride and eat lots of special carnival foods that you can only get at Odinfest with 17 games and rides to play. New this year are Putt Putt Golf, the Kissing Booth and the Pie Eating Contest. Make sure you win lots of Festival Tokens for special prizes on Spin the Wheel. We look forward to seeing you at the festival!