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Happy 16th Anniversary, Valhalla Lost

It’s hard to believe that Valhalla Lost has been running (continuously) for 16 years!  The shard started off as a family game in Odin’s basement after he discovered the first emulators and Freya was enjoying playing on OSI.  From there it grew as the family invited their friends and family to play.

So what’s in store for Valhalla Lost?  We are running the POL 099 core and have updated to the High Seas client (the latest client offered straight from OSI) with all the High Seas glory.   New quests, New skills and a revamped combat system and many customs items to find!

Eron & Elga. First Orcish Wedding in Valhalla


On August 21, 2016, Eron the Ugly and Elga the Uruk belched the holy song of their people into each others faces, followed by a sacrificial goat chase and fireworks ceremony under the pews, which left the crowd of attendees with several burns and trips to the healer. We wish them the best for their explosive relationship.

Ashbenford Museum

It’s Museum Month!  Check out the Museum at Ashbenford with items donated by players and GMs over the last 15 years.  Relive those old events and the prizes you had to fight for your life to get back then.

Donations are accepted by the museum curator, Tesla Kom’Blakhawk.  Contact her in game or drop off your donation in the donation box at the museum entrance.  Check the guidelines for donating by the donation box.

Congratulations Sauran & Maranda

On January 3rd, we gathered to witness the joining of Sauran and Maranda in a beautiful ceremony presided over by Lord Odin.

After the ceremony, we feasted on the finest foods and danced until that pesky orc, Gul’kyt decided to show us how to really get our groove on which we did for several special dances he shared with us.

Happy New Year, 2016

Happy New Year from Valhalla Lost! The oil sketches have finally come back from the painters and we can see a magical still-frame of Valhallans ushering in the New Year.

Shroud of the Avatar

For those that may be interested in Lord British’s latest endeavors.

The support he is receiving is amazing. – V

Truth, Love, & Courage + State of the Realm