The Black Bushido

These are events/quest that staff host in game at a certain time and place.

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The Black Bushido

Post by Mimir » Sat Jul 02, 2016 9:15 pm


A large mist engulfed the ships, slamming into the shore.

"Raadn th' brrg!!" an unintelligible yell commanded the fleet.

In seconds the gangplanks fell to the ground in perfect succession.

Ropes could be seen flying through the air...

The ships gangways were tightly secured...

...Silence...The ships creaked as waves slammed into the starboard quarters.

..."FORWARD!"... the voice grew louder and clearer.

One by one the army exited the ships in flawless formation. The clanking of armor and rhythm of marching
echoed, alarming a nearby guard post.

..."Stop!...Stop! You can not dock here!" Reginald the watchmen could be seen running up from a distance waving his arms.

Reginald stopped in his tracks, gazing at the wall of men that stood before him. The wall divided as one man walked
through and proceeded to the front.

"In the name of the Emperor!" yelled the man, "We claim this land for Isamu-Jima!" his accent thick and voice like gravel.

"Hroo Hroo!" chanted the army behind him....

"Surrender!... Or be Killed!..." He turned and walked back into the formation. The wall closing behind him.

The front line drew their swords, stepping back with a loud synchronized stomp.

Without hesitation Reginald pulled his horn and began to blow, turning to run back to his post...

An instantaneous Snap from a Yumi could be heard and Reginald fell to the ground...


..."FORWARD!" he commanded...

Defend our land Sunday July 10th 2016 6:00pm PST/9:00 EST
Please allow 2-3 hours for completion.
More information will be available in game soon!


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Re: The Black Bushido

Post by Mimir » Mon Jul 11, 2016 12:54 pm


At approximately 8pm pst the invasion at Skoll Beach came to a halt...

The dust cleared in the battlefield, leaving nothing but a sea of bodies of those who attempted to infiltrate the land...

In the end the Black Bushido were no match for the brave warriors who faced them...

The sun began to set, while the Asgard Commander and his men stripped the boats, gathering treasures from a far away land to symbolize their victory...

Looking up, Erick noticed a fleet of black sails disappearing into the horizon...

"Sir?" he asked...

"Speak no word of this" He commanded, "They've been warned...Their presence will not be well met..." replied the commander, looking back to his group of warriors, drenched in sweat and blood.

"Will they return?" asked Erick...

"Only time will tell." he replied, with doubt in his voice...

He made his way to the fallen Shogun, pulling back the visor of his helmet....

A look of dread washed over the commanders face... "We mustn't alarm the others." he said, looking to Erick.

"They have done well...Send them off... They require a good rest."

Erick bowed his head and returned to the front lines with the bags of treasures.

The commander stood up beside the empty suit of armor, baffled...

"What are you planning?..." He muttered to himself.


Thank you all for attending, I hope you had as much fun as I did.

Special thanks to all other staff involved, it wouldn't have came together without your help.


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