The Harrower's Dungeon

These are event/quest set up in game for players to participate on their own.

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The Harrower's Dungeon

Post by Lady Skadi » Fri Aug 04, 2017 9:02 pm

We have received several pages about players not receiving books after completing the quest.
The wiki states very clearly if you are dead, you will not received one. With our death system,
we refer to the first two as being knocked out. In game you will see a message that says you are dead
or you cannot do that you are dead. When doing the Harrower, keep that in mind. We will not
give out books, unless it was an actual error or glitch with the script. In this case, it was stated that
the players were dead ( knocked out ) by another players bees.
The True Harrower is a unique boss in that he has unique attacks and you cannot just crowd around him to attack. He resides in a special cave where you can not enter but also he can not move. Once he is dead, you will be justly rewarded with gold, decorations, Scrolls of Power and the fabled Book of Transcendence. You must be near him and alive at the time of his death in order to get the Book which will be placed in your backpack.
If you continue to read about the Harrower, you will see there are tips for doing this quest.

Our death system page on the wiki should be rewritten to reflect what is actually happening, if you are a ghost, you are dead, but we consider it a knock out. After three, you death cry.

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