Herbal System

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Herbal System

Post by mholmes3038 » Mon Oct 12, 2015 3:14 pm

not sure if this shard has one or not but I always thought custom herbal systems where kinda cool. Maybe generate some new custom plants and allow them to create new regs for a custom spell system or new food etc. You could also create a new thief system making counterfeit items and "replica" items etc. I made a system back in the day where you could make fake checks but the colors was slightly different but noticeable enough to tell. I mean no one likes to be scammed but that's kind of what the role of a thief is in a sense.

Wryson Rose
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Re: Herbal System

Post by Wryson Rose » Mon Oct 12, 2015 9:51 pm

Hrm, what about a gardening system? In original UO, this was implemented, but I always found it clunky, and more annoying then actually useful.

Here however, it may actually work.

Size of the pot determines the size of the plant, when fully grown.

Two fertile dirt for a small, five for a medium, ten for a large.

One water for small, three medium, five large.

Every day (or three) a check is done:

1.) Plant is healthy, and moves to next stage of growth. Optional: Healing potions (lesser, regular, greater for S/M/L) can be given to 'jumpstart' a plant to the second tier of growth (Ie, seed to sprouted)
2.) Plant is sick, and requires a cure disease potion.
3.) Plant is infected, and requires a (lesser) poison potion.

Small plants mature in three to five real-world days.
Mediums in five days to one week.
Larges take a minimum of one week, but up to two.

Once grown, a plant lives for one month real-time.
Every day, a small plant can be harvested for 2-10 resources.
Mediums every two or three days for 10-25.
Larges every three to five days for 25-? (maybe 50, maybe 75, or even 100).


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