Valhalla Graveyard - Lock the gates, or post guards!

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Wryson Rose
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Valhalla Graveyard - Lock the gates, or post guards!

Post by Wryson Rose » Mon Nov 02, 2015 11:42 pm

Greetings Everyone.

This is a bit of a concern for the new players, but it can equally happen to an older player too.

A few days ago, I was online with my warrior and was standing at the Valhalla bank, when I had to head out for a few minutes to handle real life.
I came back to finding myself dead and a skeleton standing about over my corpse.

Is there some reason why the gate to the graveyard is easily opened by the hostiles within, and they can easily walk up the path and attack people at the bank without any way to stop them?
Where are the guards to watch over the area? The only ones I know of are FAR AWAY from the bank, and do not patrol near the graveyard at all to keep hostiles at bay.

Can we get this tweaked so that they keep an eye on the area, or pop in to defend if someone calls for the guards? Something?

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