Have Your Portrait Added To The Art Files

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Have Your Portrait Added To The Art Files

Post by Tack » Mon Feb 20, 2017 3:47 am

We are in the process of updating Valhalla's art files. Until the art files are finalized (which is still some months away), you can have your own portrait added to the art files. When we are ready, there will be a final call for portrait submission. It will be placed within a wood frame, ready to be hanged on the wall. Portraits will be sold at a special Art Dealer NPC and you will only be able to buy your own portraits. Price is to be determined (it won't be cheap).

Portraits do not have to be single shots. You can add in groups of people or shots from around the game. Use your avatars or edit in the paperdolls for a family/guild portrait.

Allowed Images
You can have either a screen capture of your paperdoll, avatar or a scenic picture. In-game screenshots only.

Image Editing
If you want to make minor changes to your portrait, you have to do your own editing. Please keep it minor and add only in-game art. We have final decision to include it in the files.

Image Framing
The final size of the portrait is 35x60 or about the same size as the largest portrait currently available. The size of an open portrait, including frame, will be around 512x480 or 480x512. Unless there is clear detail and distinct colors, it will end up being a pixelated mess when shrunk. We will take a portion of the scene for the portrait and the entire scene will be shown when opened. The frame will be about 50px so you're losing 100px all around the outside. If we are doing a basic portrait for you, the portrait will be rectangular and use a standard frame. If you are editing your own image, you can add your own frame and use whatever shape you like.

Amount Allowed
Please keep it to 3 per account (more might be okay later depending how many have to be added).

Submitting your Portrait
If you're doing a basic paperdoll portrait, you can page and we will do a screen cap of your paperdoll. Just make sure your character is set up and we can get it even when you are offline. If you want to do it yourself, you can attach the file to this thread.



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Re: Have Your Portrait Added To The Art Files

Post by Matt Bloodbane » Thu Jun 08, 2017 4:12 am

me and sora would like to have ours attached as one i have attached the file of us with a black background
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