Market to sell items (Vendor)

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Market to sell items (Vendor)

Post by Dorikkan Morito » Wed Dec 06, 2017 10:59 am

I was thinking, Vendors here show you what they sell via "Sell" command

What if you was able to offer a window to search to see what vendors want to buy, for example i have glass to sell but i dont want to place it on my merchant i just want to sell it quick to someones vendor whos willing to buy it on that menu

If i was to buy stuff from players on that menu i would click add then target my item and say i'd pay 4gp for a block etc then players can sell to me through the window instead of searching for a vendor

if not possible then maybe create some item that lets you access something simular to this

Also, on the log file could you show what people bought in a window instead of announcing how much they spent?
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