Shard Updates and Patch Notes for April 2016

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Shard Updates and Patch Notes for April 2016

Post by Magni » Wed Apr 13, 2016 6:41 pm

Updates and Patch Notes for April 2016-

-A Daily combat exp reset token can now be bought from Myrrdin.

-Changing classes is now easier, your skills are saved to a "skill stone". After you change your .specs you can click the stone
and it will restore your skill points.

-Valerie the artist of the Einherjar has been updated with new rewards and a new menu.

-Magic Foods now last 50% longer.

-Henchmen can now have their alignment flipped by using "name" status.

-Fixed a bug with .spec, it now shows the correct secondary skills for your class.

-House signs now display what type of housing it is: vendor, apt, cottage, estate,town, and guild hall

-All Guild features (colors,statues, etc.) have been relocated to the guild area in Folkvang. Along with this you can now purchase
a Guildboard to advertise your guild for a small fee.

-The veterinary skill menu has been updated and tamers can now use "pets name" battle orders.

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