Valhalla Lost: High Seas Upgrade

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Valhalla Lost: High Seas Upgrade

Post by Tack » Thu Oct 18, 2018 11:06 pm

Greetings all. As many of you know, we've been planning on upgrading to High Seas for awhile. We've finally got to a point where we feel confident everything will be up and running correctly. So now we start the countdown to the upgrade which if all goes well, should be first week of Nov.

What do I need to do to prepare?
Nearly nothing. All you have to do is download High Seas!
All custom tiles from Mondain's Legacy will automatically be converted over for High Seas. The system isn't perfect and there may be unused tiles around which will be converted manually.
Some Folkvang housing will be foreclosed on as they no longer exists. This affects those along the east, west and north sides. Lots of new housing to choose from!
Some housing have been moved or massively renovated. You will see signs saying the house is not for sale.

** You will need to download the High Seas expansion from **
This allows us to be an easier install than having to find Mondain's Legacy. UO handles the download.
If there are any problems, you simply patch the game and reinstall our custom files.

How To Install High Seas
1) Go to
2) Click on Classic Client - this will download a small installer program
3) Run the installer. The installer has an auto-resume so if it stops, it will continue at its last point
4) Run UO - this will patch the game up to the newest version

If you want to log onto the test server and see what the new maps look like, continue following the list:
6) Download our custom client files
Please refer to this post viewtopic.php?f=70&t=11126&p=66446#p66446 or for newest files

- There can be a potential problem with custom tiles showing up as unused tiles. It appears to come from when the default folder is selected for installation. Move the folder to another location or to your root drive (eg, move the entire High Seas folder to c:\).
- For those that play on other servers, you can simply copy your Ultima Online Classic Folder to a new folder and overwrite the files with our custom files.
- The Enhanced Client is the 3d client version and is not supported on Valhalla. However, you can go ahead and try it if you've never seen UO in 3d. It may not work with our custom wearables.
- If you have any problems, you can run the patching program (UOPatch.exe) to fix the files then reinstall our custom files.

UO Add-Ons

UO Steam
1) Download the UOSteam overlay at
2) When running UOSteam, use ValhallaLost_Classic.exe, uncheck 'Remove encryption' and get the rest of the information from the login.cfg file
This is the recommended add-on for mapping.

UO Razor
- You must use the original client.exe, check 'Patch client encryption', uncheck 'Use OSI Encryption. Rest of information can be taken from login.cfg.
- Note: You may end up with an "out of memory" error, on any OS. This is due to UO's 32-bit client unable to access memory above 2GB. This happens when the files are modified. There are two ways around this:
A) Reboot your computer and start the client right away.
B) Remove the 2GB limit using a program called Large Address Aware which can be found here.

Large Address Aware ... nPDadSUIlY
To use LAA, put it in the same folder as the client (or make a new folder and put both programs into it).

*Note: Your virus program may flag LAA as a trojan as it is modifying an executable. If you require more information on this program, google: ultima online out of memory and you will see this is the fix given by several private UO sites.

- UOMapper works with Valhalla Lost but you must have UOAssist installed to use it.

- Due to having two custom maps sitting in Trammel and Felucca realms, UOAM will not show the Trammel map correctly (UOAM was designed to only use one map for the two realms as they're the same terrain map with a different overlay).

Using Realm Maps
- Realm maps are in-game maps that show your location if you are on the main continents.

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Re: Valhalla Lost: High Seas Upgrade

Post by Tack » Mon Dec 10, 2018 4:30 am

Test has been updated again. New links to the client and maps files are in the previous post.

Zeke found a major problem with the training system that didn't transfer over well. So a new system has been put in place. You will find starting from 0 and progressing will be much faster. Getting to 60 skill will take about an hour and to 120 skill will take a couple of days but to 135 will take just under 2 weeks. Innkeepers function the same way. Your primary, secondary and trade skills will also gain while online with no gold placed on training. You can gain str/dex/int from doing certain harvesting tasks (only up to the base stat cap).

All leggings now work as under platemail or over cloth pants.

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