Weapon abilitys

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Weapon abilitys

Post by Rofzilla » Thu Nov 29, 2018 12:55 pm

I know there are "abilities" to certain weapons that have a book that applies certain skills to certain weapons (mortal strike, double strike and others). But what I mean is to give meaning to using fencing or macefighting or swordmanship, not just be a fighting skill, for example:
  • Fencing weapons have a % chance to cause bleeding that varies on your fencing skill level (kinda like poison);
  • Macefighting weapons have a % chance to stun an enemy this would % would increase with the macefighting level or the time stunned would increase with level of macefighting;
  • Swordmanship would increase the parry % percentage which also would increase along with the level of swordmanship you have.
(Note that Archery already has this implemented, at 110 Archery you can walk while shooting arrows)

This could also affect monsters so it doesn't turn fights one sided. What do you think?

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Re: Weapon abilitys

Post by Odeth » Thu Dec 20, 2018 8:09 pm

These Ideas are already in game as the non combat book specials according to the wiki under combat :

Combat Abilities

There are two different combat abilities that you can select. Use your .options dot command and select the 'Use Automatic Special Moves' or 'Use Combat Book' to select the Combat Ability you wish to use.

Automatic Special Moves

To use these combat moves, you simply have to be in combat. The combat abilities are based on your equipped weapon skill: swordsmanship, macefighting, fencing and archery. For swords, you get a chance to bleed your opponent which leads to a small damage-over-time bonus. Axes, which is part of swords, gets double the amount of bleed time. In maces, you get a bash damage bonus depending on 1H or 2H. Fencers get a chance to paralyze your opponent. And archers get a chance to be able to retrieve their arrows or bolts from the corpse along with a damage increase bonus.

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