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Full List of Updates

Post by Tack » Fri Apr 05, 2019 12:22 am

As requested, a new list of updates since we moved to High Seas.

Pol Core
Moving from Pol 98 to Pol 99.

Valhalla and Lost Realms have been largely renovated (and some of ilshenar).

Skills previously were handled by script are now handled by the pol core.
Some skills have been relocated to their proper skill #. Skill values will be swapped over to their new ones.
Masonry is a custom skill and will sit in the Snooping skill slot as we do not use it.
Chivalry has been moved to its correct skill #.
Spellweavers will use their spellweaving skill.
Necromancers will use Necromancy skill (previously used Spirit Speak).
Revenants will use Spirit Speak skill.
Ninjas will use Ninjitsu skill.
Fishing has been upgraded with new fish to catch, new places to fish and new fishing quests.
Inscription: Either parchment can be used for any spell circle. Heavy parchment will allow you to craft 1/3 faster speed.

New Skills
Focus has been added similar to how Armslore works. Instead of increasing your meditation, focus will give casters a spell damage bonus based on how much focus they have: up to 60/80/100/over 100.
Imbuing: Add extra magical properties to your armor, weapons and even jewelry.
Begging: Grovel at the feet of a merchant for a small gratuity.

Swordsmanship buff: baked catfish
Archery buff: chub on a stick


The rowboat is available for sale from the shipwright.
Ships no longer fire cannons and do not take damage.
The Galleons from High Seas are available to players via quests. Check the wiki once this is in.
Tokuno Galleon: Do fishing quests as given by the professional fisherman.
Orc Galleon: Do professional bounty hunter quests.
Gargoyle: Find King Kraken (Valhalla) or Selma (Lost Realms).
Britannian: Privateer Board -> kill privateer to find a key. Need 4 keys (or 3 keys + high lockpicking) to open the safe.

Lockboxes can be found on certain monsters or from events and contain rare items not found anywhere else.
Keys are available from the locksmith merchant for various amounts of gold. Always check the type of key needed by IDing the box through magery.
The contents will be displayed on the lockbox wiki page and by using magery to ID the box.

Readjusted some weapon values to bring them more in line with existing weapons, some were incorrectly specified as 2H instead of 1H giving 2H damage
The honor shield will boost mage buffs to 2 hours, all other buffs (except divine fury) will get a 15 minute boost.

Shard Quests
The Dandy Prisoner is always getting caught and locked up by the orcs!
A Classic-style of quest has been added. These are small chain quests, usually 3-5 parts long with a chance for a unique reward or an assortment of small rewards for completion.

Guilds can be leveled up to level 5 by donating various materials to the guildstone.
Each guild level gives a reward or bonus for the guild.

All virtue will be converted to positive.
Use .virtue to convert your virtue to a positive number.
Use .alignment to flip your title from good to bad.
Depending on your alignment, you will gain 'virtue' or 'infamy'. Both are the same and just used for aesthetics.
Even though all virtue gain is positive, it is possible to lose virtue but it will not go below 0.

Virtue Quests
The virtue button (the arcane circle above your head on the paperdoll) will give you abilities when you perform quests of virtue.
Whenever you complete a virtue quest, you get 1 point. Every 10 points gives you a virtue title [Seeker of, Follower of, Knight of].
Some virtues have timers - you can only do that quest after a cool-down period.
Whenever you use a reward, you lose 1 point.
Many rewards have up to 3 levels (eg. get 10, 15 or 20% bonus for something).
Every week, you lose 1 point from every virtue.

Shrine of Valor: Kill an Einherjar boss; Reward: Champion Spawns require less per round.
Shrine of Honor: Perform guard quests; Reward: Chance to reduce or cure poison effects.
Shrine of Compassion: Escort travelers and prisoners; Reward: Resurrect others with HP.
Shrine of Justice: Claim Justice on a player's monster killer; Reward: Chance for another Book of Transcendence.
Shrine of Honesty: Find Lost Items on pirates; Reward: Receive a bigger payment for Bulk Order Deeds.
Shrine of Spirituality: Give food to the hungry townspeople; Reward: Gain a temporary healing shield.
Shrine of Sacrifice: Sacrifice virtue to evil monsters for redemption; Reward: Self-resurrection shrine.
Shrine of Humility: Help new players; Reward: Buff.


Elemental Damage and Resist
Elemental Damage is current TURNED OFF. It'll be turned on when we are sure imbuing is reasonably bug-free, probably sometime before Easter
Uses the OSI version of elemental damage and resistances.
You can have physical and fire, cold, energy and poison damages on your weapon.
Use an elemental hammer to target an 'old-version' weapon to fix it. Until it is fixed, it will spread the single elemental damage on the weapon with physical.
Damage is calculated as the following
a) weapon damage is calculated first (total damage - armor absorption).
b) damage is divided across 5 sections: physical, fire, cold, energy and poison.
c) all must add to 100%.
d) each of the 5 is compared to your opponent's resistances.
e) final damage calculated.
damage done = total damage x 10% elemental damage; final elemental damage = damage done x elemental resistance.

Example: Your weapon has the following elemental damages. The mob has the following elemental resists and it is weak against cold but strong against energy. You do 100 combat damage.
Damage Type Damage Resisted Final Damage
Physical 100 x 10% = 10 x 10% = 1 10 - 1 = 9 physical
Fire 100 x 20% = 20 x 15% = 3 20 - 3 = 17 fire
Cold 100 x 30% = 30 x 5% = 1 30 - 1 = 29 cold
Energy 100 x 10% = 10 x 25% = 2* 10 - 2 = 8 energy
Poison 100 x 30% = 30 x 10% = 3 30 - 3 = 27 poison
* POL truncates values (cuts them off instead of rounding) so 2.5 becomes 2.
Final Damage is 90 points of damage.

Magic is different in that all spells are of one elemental type. For example, a fireball spell is always 100% fire damage and will be lowered based on the opponent's fire resistance.

Even though what you're seeing is lower than our current system, it removes the power creep where you were getting stronger but monsters stayed the same.
This system allows those who are used to OSI's elemental system to not have to learn a new system.
Under the imbuing system, values can go much higher. Once you read about imbuing, you will be able to enhance your items. For example, Spell Damage Increase (SDI) will allow you to increase that 100% fire damage up to 300% fire damage!
Elemental damage cannot go above 100% in most cases (except for imbued elemental damage).
Elemental resists for players cannot go above 70%.

Elemental Hammer
New menu gump. You can add up to 4 different elemental damage changes with 1 hammer. Must have an elemental gem of each corresponding type to increase.

Armor Absorption
fighter: 50%
paladin: 45%
knight: 35%
crusader: 30%
cleric, priest: 20%

Defensive Weapon Mode
Weapon in defensive mode will lower tactics by 45% instead of 33%.

Internal Experience Bonus
Assassin/Fighter/Ranger/Ninja: 2% chance to hit per 100k exp up to 10%
Crusader/Knight/Paladin: 2% chance to parry per 100k exp up to 10%

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