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  ...the lands were ruled by Gods. There were Nine Worlds upon which many great battles were fought. These monumental battles were fought between realms, races, guilds, tribes and gods alike; There was one battle yet to be...
This battle to end all battles would come to be known as:
- - Ragnarok. - -
  A devastating battle where god would befall god. The god Heimdall, Watcher of the Gods, would denote the destruction of Bifrost, the Rainbow Bridge, by sounding his great horn, Gjallor. - Odin, The All-Father, will be slain in a duel with Fenris. Surtr, the flame giant, mortal enemy of Odin, will kill Frey, God of the Elves. Loki and Heimdall will meet one last time and neither will survive the battle. Tyr, God of War, will die at the teeth of Garm. Thor, God of Thunder, will die in a torrent of venom from the mouth of Jormungand, the Midgard Serpent. Vidar, son of Odin, will tear Fenris to pieces avenging the All-Father's death. Surtr will set fire to the great ash tree, Yggdrasil, and the worlds will burn. All of this and more, leading to a seemingly bleak end...
  Strength and courage be not lacking, Odin knew this battle was unavoidable, hence, the reason and purpose of "The Great Halls".
Valhalla - Hall of the Slain
  To this vast land is where the greatest of heroes were brought after they had fallen in the fields of  battle. These heroes were carried to Valhalla by the beautiful Valkyries. Here they would join the Einherjar to train and prepare for the ordeal to come...



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