Rules of the Land

It is the players responsibility to check the rules to stay current.

  1. The first is of utmost importance HAVE FUN !
  2. On this shard we encourage Role Playing but is not a strict RP shard.
  3. No Player-Killing, PvP or Player-Looting is allowed, if we catch you doing this, you will be jailed or banned instantly.
  4. No macroing in Asgard
  5. No offensive or field spells cast anywhere in town, not even on yourself
  6. No foul language, disrespect or any other form of gm harassment by players will be tolerated.
  7. We reserve the right to update and change rules as needed
  8. You are allowed ONE house, ONE small apartment for your second character and ONE merchant stand per account
  9. One Account per person (if caught with more than one account both will be deleted)
  10. Do not keep your gold, rare items, or anything you wish to keep on Henchmen
  11. No turning of monsters on other players that is the same as Player Killing!
  12. Harrassment will NOT be Tolerated !
  13. You may have up to three characters only.
  14. Only three vendors per booth.
  15. No! AFK Macroing in towns or sleeping for long periods of time.
  16. No looting others kills. (This means also if a player is fighting a monster and has it almost killed do not go in and take the final hit and loot it . You did not work on killing it so it does not entitle you to the rewards, But any items left on the corpse is fair game for anyone who wishes to take it. If a vendor kills a monster then the loot is anyones.
  17. No Luring or Gateing NPCs ANYWHERE! ( 1st Warning / 2nd 2 days Jail / 3rd BAN )
  18. Guilds must have 10 seperate accounts on stone before they can have a guildhouse. Only the guildmaster can be the owner of a guildhouse and the stone must be in the house.
  19. If you accidentally loot someones else's things or find items on one of your kills, please make every effort to return them to the rightful owners, any named item dropped in a trashcan will be put in the owners bankbox.
  20. Do not eat while in shapechange it will cause you and anyone around you to crash.
  21. Do not use any "say xxoo"macros to keep you from timing out while macroing.
  22. Do not log out by the bank in Asgard or in the immediate area.
  23. Do not leave henchmen or pets in the bank or immediate area. They will be moved or possibly deleted.

Player Rules

  1. No public derision or degradation of any gm is acceptable, if you dont like the quest they are running, leave the area. Do not stand around complaining about it
  2. Don't page staff if you are not in trouble , we won't teleport you to a place unless we see that we forgot something (stuck on an isle and no teleport back, then we will aid you to get back to the Main Capital)
  3. Any player caught exploiting BUGS faces; 1st Warning / 2nd 2 - 7 days Jail / 3rd BAN
  4. Remember only 8 henchmen per account

All People

  1. This is a Family Shard and we have young players here. No lewd behaviour in public will be tolerated!
  2. Bad language above and beyond “casual adult speak”. If your swearing in anger, you’re probably making someone uncomfortable. (This means jail or banishment)
  3. Verbally insulting or demeaning another player out of character. (Ban)
  4. Don't take things that don't belong to you. (This is equal to stealing, and since stealing has it's rules you should read them first ! Or else that means Jail or Ban)