Every character has the chance to specialize in one trade skill. You may also use some or all of your primary and/or secondary slots for other trade skills but the trade specialization will be recognized as your primary skill slot.

Having a skill in your tradeskill slot will allow you to access more menu options while crafting. For example, as a tradeskill blacksmith, you will be able to laminate armor. Some of these special trade skills also require at least 90 skill or else it will not show up in the menu. If it is not in your trade skill slot, you will not get access to these special features.

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Required Skill

On all the tradeskill pages, there is a required skill to make the item. This is the average needed to be 50% successful at making the item. To attempt making an item, you must have at least -19 of the required skill. To always be successful, you must have +20 of the required skill. If you fail at making the item, you will receive a message that you have used up some of the materials. There is also a small chance you will become frustrated having failed so many times and destroy the item thus will automatically start over.

example If a war mace takes 85 backsmithy skill to make and you have exactly 85 skill, you have a 50% chance of making it else you may damage it a bit and thus lose a small amount of ingots in the process. You continue trying to make the item until three things happen: you destroy the item thus starting over again, you run out of ingots or you are successful at making the item. Likewise, if you have 105 blacksmithy skill, you will always be successful at making the item.

  • In alchemy, you do not destroy the bottle you are working on – you merely just use up regs until you are successful.

If you do not possess enough skill, the item will not show the make button in the crafting menu. You will only see the picture and the description. Likewise, in the crafting menu, you will only see the line but no button if you do not have either the required skill and/or the required tradeskill.


Automatic Material Finding and Stacking

When you begin crafting, you must have all the required materials and tools somewhere in your backpack. Materials can be in storehouses or stacked in any bag. Tools must be available somewhere in your backpack. If you do not have them, you will be notified of a missing material or tool. You must also have the correct amount in the stack. If you have multiple stacks of materials that add up to the required amount, you will not be able to make the item so make sure you keep all the materials in one stack.

  • Tip: To clean up a messy bag, use .dump from one bag to another. This will put all stackable items into one pile.
  • Tip: It is recommended that you keep three bags in your crafting bag: one for crafted items, one for materials and one for tools. This makes it easier to sort and is easily shareable by putting it in your bank for all your characters.



Using a tool will bring up a menu of craftable items within your skill range. Any tool for that craft will bring up the menu. The menu shows what you are able to do given your skill and tradeskill. If you do not have the required skill or the selection requires you to have the crafting skill in your tradeskill slot, you will not be able to see the selection. Everything that you are able to do is shown in the menu.

Additional tools may be required to make a particular item. For example, cooking has three different tools: frying pan, wooden mixing bowl and rolling pin. Using any of these items will bring up the cooking menu but to make the item, you may require a particular tool. This tool must be somewhere in your backpack for you to make the item.


Tool Durability

As you use your crafting tools, they will gradually decrease in durability until they break. The amount of usage you get depends on your skill. Those who have very high skill are better at handling the tools effectively and will not damage them as much as they work their craft. Those with lower skill may work clumsily and damage the item more than usual.

If a tool has no durability tag, it is brand new. As it gets worn, the tool will crack and the tag will show how much it has been damaged. Tools can not be repaired. Some items, such as the dye tub, will show how many uses are left after each use. You can see how many uses a tool has by inspecting it with your magery skill.

  • Highly-experienced crafters can get better mileage out of their tools. Those with higher skill are able to use tools efficiently to avoid wear-and-tear than those with low skill who will likely damage the tool faster. Tradeskill masters (100 skill) will get a 50% tool wear reduction.


Crafting Speed

Making things can take time. All items have a certain time required to make them and are adjusted for materials and skill. If an item requires a lot of materials, it will take longer to make. If you are currently using a crafting skill that is your tradeskill, you will have a large time deduction based on your skill.

  • Blacksmithy items take an additional 3 seconds above the base time.
  • Carpentry items take an additional 2 seconds above the base time.
  • Grandmaster (110 skill) crafters get 25% speed increase.
  • Tradeskill crafters get a 100ms per 10 skill speed reduction.
  • Kegs get a 200ms per item speed reduction.
  • The maximum time to make an item is 8 seconds.


Experience Gains

As you craft, you will have a small chance to gain a small amount of experience through insight or ponderings. As you craft one item, you may notice that this one is particularly better than the others you have made. Other times, your mind may wander and you will come to a realization about something important or worldly. The amount of experience you gain is based on your skill.

This experience is not included in the daily hunting limit. Only while you are crafting using your tradeskill craft can you gain insight or come to a realization. Some masterpiece items give a larger amount of crafting experience.



Crafters have a chance at crafting a Masterpiece [when you have .masterpiece turned on]. The chance at making one is based on the difficulty of the item and will happen fairly rarely, even for the easier-to-make items. There is nothing special that must be done, the check is made during normal crafting or as you upgrade an item. If you pass the check, you will be presented with a gump stating you have created a Masterpiece and asking you to name it. Masterpieces can be named by their creator. You may give it any name you wish and [Masterpiece] will be put on the end of the name. For example, you make some katanas and one comes up a Masterpiece. You can enter a name like SwiftSlayer and you will now have a katana named SwiftSlayer [Masterpiece].

If you are also a grandmaster (100 skill) and your tradeskill is the crafting skill used to create that item, you will have the chance to add your signature line to the masterpiece [when you have .craftedby turned on]. The end result with be, if using the example above, SwiftSlayer [Masterpiece by Volund].

Not everything can be made into a masterpiece. If the item can be made into a masterpiece, it will be mentioned in the crafting menu as [mp].

  • Tradeskill crafters get a +2% bonus chance when attempting to make a masterpiece.


Masterpiece Bonuses

Weapons and/or armor masterpieces receive a random bonus. If it is a weapon, it will receive either a random durability bonus or a random damage bonus while armor will receive either a random durability bonus or a random armor rating. It does not tell you which nor the level of the bonus which is random as well. To find out what the bonus is, simply use your blacksmithy skill on the item (blacksmithy covers both blacksmithy and tailored items).

Alchemy masterpieces are special potions that have special properties once consumed. Like all masterpieces, you can name the potion whatever you want. When a masterpiece potion is drunk, it does a random sparkly effect to the person who drinks it and plays a random magic sound.

Cooking Masterpieces are a special food bowl that are extremely delicious in nature. Like other masterpieces, you can name this culinary delight. When a person eats a cooked masterpiece, they gulp it down quickly and an emote will appear over the person’s head.

Masterpiece scrolls are similar again. The reader will spout some power words and a random sparkly effect will appear on whoever you target.

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