Required Files

To play on Valhalla Lost, you will need a version of Ultima Online and our special client. Periodically, we may require you to update your files due to map updates. Please check the Valhalla Online Forums when an update is required.

We are now using Ultima Online: Classic edition.

To play on Valhalla Lost:

  1. Send an email with a name and password to activate an account. We are a family-friendly shard so we still use the email method to verify you are not banned or someone wanting to make multiple accounts.
  2. Go to and run the Classic Client installer. This will download the game. It will also allow you to resume an interrupted download. If you already have the Classic edition and playing on other shards, you can simply copy the folder to a new location.
  3. Launch the game and patch to the latest version.
  4. Download our custom client and map files from the choice below.
  5. Extract the files into your Ultima Online Classic folder, overwriting existing files.
  6. Drag the ValhallaLost_HighSeas.exe to your desktop or start menu for easy access.
  7. Launch ValhallaLost_HighSeas!

To open these files, you could use Winzip or Winrar.

You can also try an open source archive manager 7zip

Required Files


Add-on Files

UO Steam

  1. Download the UOSteam overlay at
  2. When running UOSteam, use ValhallaLost_Classic.exe, uncheck ‘Remove encryption’ and get the rest of the information from the login.cfg file.

This is the recommended add-on for mapping.

UO Razor

– You must use the original client.exe, check ‘Patch client encryption’, uncheck ‘Use OSI Encryption. Rest of information can be taken from login.cfg.

– Note: You may end up with an “out of memory” error, on any OS. This is due to UO’s 32-bit client unable to access memory above 2GB and can happen when the files are modified. There are two ways around this:

  • Reboot your computer and start the client right away.
  • Remove the 2GB limit using a program called Large Address Aware which can be found LAA.