Applying For An Account


You’ve taken the first step to joining our community by reading and agreeing to the Rules & Regulations. Now it is time to send for your account.

Simply fill out the form below and your request will be taken directly to Lord Odin himself. You will receive an email requesting additional information about yourself, if required. To speed things up, please complete the form including the user name and password you would like to use.

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  1. philip

    Hello, I would like to join the shard I really am interesting.

  2. admin

    Hello Philip! We would love to have you!
    just follow the instructions above and you should be in within a day or two.

    -GM Volund

  3. entaro

    hello i would like to join also. what should i do?

  4. admin

    Hello Entaro!
    As stated above… just follow the directions and you should be in within a day or two.

  5. Dorikkan Morito

    Best shard ever, awesome Players/Staff, love it

  6. Dizewo

    Hey administrators, i attempted to make an account last night and i received the email from Lord Odin confirming that my account has been created however when i go to log into my account it states that my account credentials are incorrect. Is it definitely on your system?

    1. admin

      We are looking into this. You should hear from Lord Odin shortly or you may already have by now.

    2. Charles Loucks

      Dizewo could you send me the account info again please……………Odin

  7. James

    Hi I just joined and already got the email from Lord Odin but wen I try to log in I get an error message of unable to authenticate your login whats the deal….what do I need to do?

    1. admin

      Same for you James, if this hasn’t already been resolved… it will soon. Keep an eye here and on your email.


  8. admin

    Vicki, hopefully this has been resolved. if not, it should be soon.


  9. Josiephine

    Just signed up and excited to dive in to the world you’ve made! Hope to hear from you all soon!

  10. Roman

    I just recently found out about this are you guys still accepting new applicants?

    1. baldrick

      Hi yes we are still accepting accounts. We just need you preferred user name and password.

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