Loki’s attempt at ushering in Ragnarok before it is time has not left the cosmic forces that bind the multiverse unaffected. Loki’s use of the arcane might of the gods has weakened/unbalanced the very fabric of space and time… which has largely gone unnoticed by the gods due to them warring. Unnoticed by them… but not the multiverse itself.

The weakening of the fabric of time and space has caused a new world to spring up from the swampy depths. A world filled with strange creatures and beings. Indeed, a world where the mystical energies that govern it are as different from your world as night is from day. A world with its own histories, lore and kings.

Welcome to Ter Mur. A land torn by the ravages of eras colliding and struggling for dominance. A new world that you can experience on your own with new eyes as well as old.

Experience your beloved world through the eyes of a gargoyle. Ter Mur expands Valhalla Lost to six complete realms now. Each with their own unique quests and maps. Join the fight today!

If you are a returning player who cannot log onto the server, please check the forums for the correct login information or download ValhallaLost_Classic_ClientFiles from our download section.

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