Valhalla Lost is for friends and family to enjoy a friendly gaming environment and is a Player vs Monster shard [PvM]. Player vs Player [PvP] is allowed under strict guidelines. Player Killing [PK] is not allowed and will result in a ban. There are no excuses if the rules are broken.

Player Killing (PK) and Player versus Player (PvP) is by CONSENT ONLY.

It is important to note that if you plan on dueling, you should turn off the Query before performing criminal activities (located in your options under the Reputation System). If you have it on and attack first, you will receive a menu asking if you really want to attack [yes/no], giving you a disadvantage as you must answer the menu before doing anything else.

This section details where PvP is allowed and provides a tip section on dueling.



Dueling is when you have the consent of your opponent that a duel is about to take place. Use the .duel command to gain their consent. You may duel anywhere except in Asgard. As most people like to stand at the gardens, you must be completely outside of Asgard town limits to duel (you will receive a message that you are now leaving Asgard). If you duel in an area with other people, please do not use area of effect spells/potions – an attack on another person who gets hit by your spell/potion is considered an offense.


The Arena

The Arena, also known as The Pits, is located in Bursfort. The Arena is a safe place to fight and can accommodate one vs one or a team vs a team in its small or large arena space. You do not have to use .duel while in the Arena.

While fighting in the Arena, you can not death cry. If you are killed, you will reappear at the top of the Arena with 25% stats and all your belongings in a messy bag. You can die as many times as you want in the Arena.


Tips on Dueling Respectively

  • Discuss before buffing about buffing procedures and any rules. Some duelists prefer having no items with reflects and/or using offensive wands.
  • Buff with your own resources unless you both agree to be both buffed by another person.
  • Duels are typically done on foot so park your steed at the stablemaster.
  • Hiding and running around are fine but do so in moderation. If you’re not fun to fight against, you’re not going to have many pvp buddies.
  • Don’t be afraid to lose a duel. It’s all in fun.
  • And remember… win gracefully – no one likes a sore winner.


Shadowdale Rules

There is one town in Valhalla that allows a certain level of unlawfulness without using the .duel command nor asking for consent and that is the feared Shadowdale. But there are also a number of restrictions about Shadowdale so make sure you read and understand them all. All these restrictions are also posted outside of the town.
NO LURING UNEXPECTING PEOPLE INTO THE TOWN SO YOU CAN KILL THEM This town is meant only for the people willing to take the chance on their lives to go into the town. Do not lie or misinform about the town to get them there then kill them. If this does happen, there will be severe penalties against you including jail and/or ban.
NO RES KILLING Also known as corpse camping. If you kill someone, you can’t hang out over their corpse waiting for them to come back so you can kill them again.
ANY OWNED ITEMS MUST BE RETURNED If you make a person death cry while in Shadowdale, you may loot their corpse and kill their steed. But, any owned items must be returned to them: either hand it back to them or put them in a trash can and trash it (no leaving it in a trash can without flushing it down the system). Any unowned items can be kept.
GMs WILL NOT ANSWER ANY PAGES UNLESS A RULE HAS BEEN BROKEN If a rule has been broken, you must prove it. Whining about who killed who or I didn’t know this or any of that sort of thing will be ignored. The best way to prove it is with a screen capture, especially the part of the journal where the rule was broken.


Over 9000 – Tips on Dueling


When your character has a full stomach, your Hp, Stamina, and Mana regenerate as long as you’re not poisoned. Every bit helps.


Directional-Facing and Parrying

When someone attacks you from behind, your chances of parrying their attack are reduced. If you and your opponents stand on each other, both of you count as attacking each other from behind. Enjoy using this to your advantage.

Another good idea is to have your character always run [open your options gump from your paperdoll, find the tab on the right side that looks like a computer mouse and make sure the Your character will always run if this is checked is checked. You never slow down if you’re in a position where you need to run around a little bit to wait for your next heal.


Using Cure Options

Try to avoid using cure while dueling. One, it sets a delay timer to when you can drink another potion, especially an important one like heal and two, your bandies are able to cure poison.

Use the .options command and go to the second page. There are two important options here you need to change: Change Healing Options and Change Cure Options.
Cast Cure Spell at: Don’t You’re going to be getting poisoned extremely often in PvP. The last thing you need to do is drop your weapon/shield making you now wrestling with lower AR and no parrying (or making it where druids and necromancers can’t use their macros without their staff in their hand).
Drink Greater Cure Potion at: Don’t Your cure potions use the same timer as the healing potions. This means that after drinking a cure potion you have to wait even longer before you can drink a healing potion. Cure potions should be saved for manual use and the only reason 2 reasons to using them are: 1) you get plagued by a necromancer – a poison worse than deadly, and 2) you’re an assassin and you want to hide but you’re poisoned.
Use Bandage at: Anytime I’m poisoned Bandages cure poison. End of story.


Using Healing

Open the 2nd page of your .options menu and change your healing options to the following:
Fighter type class Cast Healing Spell at: 25% Drink Healing Potion at: 50% Use Bandage at: 75%
Mage type class Cast Healing Spell at: 25% Drink Healing Potion at: 75% Use Bandage at: 75%
Mage type class: Alternate option Cast Healing Spell at: 25% Drink Healing Potion at: 25% Use Bandage at: 75%

This option isn’t suggested simply because if you’re at ~25% health and get hit by the lightning bolt from a lightning-enchanted weapon, it could be the death of you.
Druid, Necromancer, Tamer: while in ability spirit buff mode Cast Healing Spell at: 25% or 50% (your preference) Drink Healing Potion at: 75% Use Bandage at: 75%


Avoiding Paralyzation

Becoming paralyzed has the potential to completely turn a duel in your opponent’s favor. Luckily, there are a few methods to avoiding being paralyzed in a duel.
Magic Reflection: best used by scroll for its faster casting, using this right as you read An Ex Por can be a lifesaver. If their Magic Reflection has already been worn off, it can even get them paralyzed. Now, if you’re not a spellcasting class, reflecting and paralyzing them won’t help you too much but it can give you time to heal up before jumping back in the fray.
Sorin’s Protection from Paralyzation potions: referred to as Sorins, these potions nullify the next paralyze spell that resolves and would affect you. Sorin’s pots work on the same timer as healing potions so drinking one of these makes it take longer before you can use a healing potion. These are only advised to use before a duel or when you have a lot of health in the fight. If you have both Magic Reflect and Sorins active, the Magic Reflection is worn off first, so you’re still protected for the next para sent your way.
Poisoning Yourself: Whenever you read the words An Ex Por, if you have no other layers of protection from the para, quickly drink a poison potion before the spell hits you. When the poison damages you while you’re paralyzed, it ends the paralysis effect. Very few mages carry cure scrolls, so the odds of this tactic not working are pretty slim. The only other extremely rare case that can ruin this tactic is if your heal kicks in before the poison gets to damage you once, leaving you remaining paralyzed.


Useful Scrolls

Magic Arrow: this is your spell to kill your opponent’s magic reflection. Note that if you’ve also got magic reflection active, reflecting a spell will nullify both of your reflects and then cancel out.
Summon Creature: this spell casted by scroll or traditional means produces the same result, so speeding things up by using a scroll is always a good idea.
Magic Reflection: same amount of mana, same effect, might as well speed things up.
Summon Daemon: this spell casted by scroll or traditional means produces the same result, so speeding things up by using a scroll is always a good idea.
Paralyze: this spell has a very short timer when used by scroll. However, if you have some spare mana, using this spell to guarantee the para, and then casting it again by traditional means might be your only way to paralyze your opponent before they can initiate a way to avoid your para.
Wall of Stone – after you paralyze your enemy, they’re probably going to switch to a bow to shoot at you. Casting this immediately afterwards cancels their line of sight. Also, druids and necromancers don’t get this spell normally, so this is their only way to cast it.


Useful Macros

lasttarget: sometimes when people hide, if you used this macro immediately, your spell can reveal them.
lastobject/lasttarget: best way to spam scrolls, period.
targetself: if you need to heal by spell manually, this can come in handy.
say .heal 3: common sense. to apply bandages.
useskill poisoning: every time your poison rubs off a bit, it lessens quality, so you’ll be using this.
say All follow me: get your summons in line.
say All kill: when someone hides, you need to say this again once they are revealed. typing it is a nuisance, especially against someone who hides often.


70 Druidry

Most people who don’t get druidry or necromancy as a primary/secondary will go with necromancy so that zombies can make hunting easier for them. However, with a +10 item, druidry can improve your dueling for melee classes. It will take you quite a few tries but you can cast Nature’s Bless to get +7 to your combat skills.



Using debuff scrolls, the most you’re going to get is -7 to your stats. If a mage casts a debuff on you while your -7 is active, they refresh its timer, not giving you their powerful -30 debuff. The problem is debuff scrolls last a very short period of time.


Mana Vampire

Even if your opponent has no mana left, this spell can help refill your mana bar.

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