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Dark Tide —————-

Dark Tide Participants

Valhalla was proudly represented,
but do not relax as High Tide has yet to come.
Dark Tickets are of great Value and you must hold onto them at all costs.


To the depths of the Drow mines they went……Full of courage and vigor, each defender ready to play their part to aid us against the Dark Tide.
There were hundred’s of the twisted beasts, those who have fought before against the Dark Tide would tell you this was by far the toughest fight the defenders have faced yet….Many death cries were heard throughout the land. The battle raged on for what seemed like hours and hours. The defenders fought with a controlled fury, never giving up ground once they had gained it. Untill finally they found the Dark Lord and took to him like a pack of wolfs. He slurred many insults……right up untill he fled once again…..
[Lord Thiazi]


What a night…….what a battle!!
My thanks to all who were able to make it and help us win this round (Dont worry if you couldnt be there, there is more to come) and we once again force the Dark Lord back to his dark abode!
[Lord Thiazi]


Defenders of Asgard —————-

Defenders Protected the gates of Asgard with great honor!


Thiazi’s 100 —————-

These are not the Teddy Bear type!
Death’s hug is all they have to offer you!


Meanwhile back on the farm!


Don’t let their youth fool you! Defenseless babies these are not!


A storm looms on the horizon! First comes rain…


… then comes Snow!


Angelic by name but not by nature!
So powerful is the magic of this creation
that its heart continues to beat even after being carved from its body!


Many a beastie to ruin your day!


These troops are a force to be reckoned with!
Their training is superior to most other invaders seen in these lands…


… with a boss like this it is no surprise!


This once majestic spirit has been twisted by evil!


Take care or you will become this creatures personal ‘Plaything’!


You feel Deathly Ill…


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