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  1. Vance

    I keep running through the process to try to download and run the valhalla server. I follow the steps: downloading classic client from, using the forum page to download map and client files, zip them and overrite files to the classic client folder, take out high seas launcher and try to launch and get the same error every time. The error says “The program can’t start because igrping.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.”
    I really want to start playing again and get into the game but I’m really not sure on how to fix this issue.

    1. baldrick

      not sure what you mean by take out the high seas launcher. Once you have overwritten the files in the game folder just run the Valhalla lost high seas client from the folder itself. If you want to launch it from your desktop then just create a shortcut – don’t remove the client from the folder.

  2. Rebecca

    Hi can anyone help I have downloaded the game and did all the instructions but keeps coming up with cant open due to font.mul missing

    1. baldrick

      this usually means you have removed the valhallalost_highseas client from the game directory and placed it on the desktop – as opposed to creating a shortcut and placing that on the desktop. Go to your game directory and see if the file ValhallaLost_HighSeas is still there. If it is, try running the game direct from that file and not the shortcut. If it isn’t try copying the file from the desktop and paste it back into the game directory. Then try running the game from the game directory. Let us know how you go.

  3. Brandon

    Hey. I know you guys get this a bunch… I’ve got my account confirmed with my log in info. I’ve dowloaded and patched the classic UO client, downloaded the files from the forum (the .rar as the .zip contained your classic client and not the high seas one), but i keep having the same issue. The start up will show the AoS start up screen followed by the same style login screen. When I go to connect it either freezes or just says unable to connect. Any help would be great as I would love to come back to this server.

    1. baldrick

      Hi make sure our files have actually been added to the Ultima Online Classic folder. There should be a Valhallalost_HighSeas client at the bottom (if in alpha order). You run that client in admin mode direct from the folder.That should bring you to our server.

  4. Brandon

    I’ve done that a couple times over. If I just run the standard client for UO after patch all the screens pull up correct. It’s after I copy the files dies it do was I described. Is there something additional that what’s in the forum I need? I’ve ran in admin mode everytime and dug through the forums to troubleshoot. Is there something missing in the files? Like I said the .zip files didn’t give the high seas client so maybe there’s something wrong there as well? Not trying to be a pest but I’m stoked to come back and haven’t got my forum app passed to troubleshoot there.

    1. baldrick

      Hi, there should be 2 zip files to extract, one has the client files and the other the map files.
      They both need to be extracted to the ultima online classic folder. The ValhallLost_HighSeas client is the only one that will connect through to our server. Try creating a new folder in your Documents folder called valhallalost, then extract the zip files to that new folder (in your Documents) then copy the files in there and paste them to the ultima online classic folder. Sometimes the system refuses to extract / unzip the files direct to the ultima online classic folder, but gives no warning message that it failed.

  5. Sherrie (Audrin)

    I’ve done exactly as it says in the downloads area, downloaded the UO client, patched it, Did not push play but extracted the Valhalla lost files to the classic client and then created a shortcut to my desktop. I try to run it and an error comes up, The program can’t start because igrping.dll is missing from your computer. Not sure what I am doing wrong as I followed the instructions to the letter. I want to come back and play in Valhalla Lost again but it seems that it’s not in the cards to do so unless you can tell me what I am doing wrong.- Audrin

    1. baldrick

      open the login.cfg file with notepad and see what information it has in it. It should be, 5002.
      If it doesn’t have that then our files may not have been extracted to the game directory due to a windows permissioning.
      Try creating a new folder in your Documents Folder called Valhalla Files and extract all our files to that folder.
      Then copy our files from Valhalla Files and paste them into the UO Game directory (Ultima Online Classic) using windows admin privileges.
      Open the login.cfg file in the UO directory and verify it. regards Buri

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